Franchise Development Services

FACT: There are various franchise structures that may be employed, one of which may better fit your growth strategy.

The Right Strategy

Boston Four Associates, Inc.'s Franchise Development Services enables successful emerging businesses to develop the right strategy, documentation and launch plans necessary to successfully enter the franchise arena.

  • Business Plan Development We work with you to map a strategy that is suited to your business, your mission, your goals, and the facts and demands of the industry. We conduct a financial analysis of your current operation and its franchise potential to first be certain that your business is replicatable and can work in a franchise structure. There are a variety of franchise structural options, and we advise as to which can optimize profitability for you and your franchisees.

  • Demographic Analysis/Owner and Location Profiles Before launching a franchise program, its important to define the demographics, both in terms of customers as well as potential franchisees, that best suit your business

  • Operations Manuals If you donít already have an operations manual with policies and procedures for daily operation of the business, we can develop one for you. If you do have one, we will modify it for franchising. Your operations manual is an essential tool for franchisees, an important part of what a franchisee is buying from you, and an ongoing reference document of your requirements.

  • Franchise License Agreement We have the experience and resources to write a comprehensive Agreement for you that will maximize your strength and flexibility, which providing a fair agreement for the franchise owner.

  • Disclosure Documentation We draft the required Uniform Franchise Offering Circular/ Franchise Disclosure Document (UFOC/ FDD) that complies with the new federal Franchise Rule and with the regulations of the individual franchise states in which you plan to market your business. Regulations are detailed and specific, and they disclose in plain English for each prospective franchisee the provisions of the Franchise Agreement and other aspects of the franchisor-franchisee relationship in your business.

  • Franchise Sales Materials BFA develops brochures and assists in the design of all of your marketing materials, contributing our franchise expertise to the development of the sales tools and materials you will need to sell franchises.

  • Franchise Launch and Marketing Our work does not stop when you are ready for launch. We participate with you in the marketing of your franchise program and through the sale of your first franchises. A portion of our fees are tied to these initial sales, so we have a tangible stake in your success.

The BFA Edge

Small, flexible, high-quality firm

Program that is custom-tailored for your business and based on sound financial analysis

A great deal of individual attention and guidance from our top-management

Lower fees and favorable payment schedules with a portion of the fees tied to franchise sales

A firm that can get you franchise sales results